Custom professional photography and video services

Quality presentation of your company, services and products has always been key, but it’s never been as important as it is now in the age of digital media. To meet the challenges of the modern age, you need a reliable and quality partner. Fulir Studio is at your service for professional and fast photo and video production services. Whether you need corporate headshots, or photos of real estate and products, events or any other type of gathering, we offer it all. For extra fun, order Fulir’s photo booth or 360 photo booth, which will make every event an unforgettable experience.

Even more fun?
Let every event be
a unique experience!

No marketing tool
ia as powerful and effective
as good photography.

Showcase your business,
product or service in a
dynamic and engaging way.

Photo booth, photo cabin,
or selfie booth?
We have them all in one.

We’ll record all your important events

Do you need to photograph or film your presentation, event, team building or private event? Whatever your needs, the Fulir Studio team will handle them quickly and professionally.

primjer fotogarfiranja eventa
primjer fotografiranja eksterijera

Good presentation guarantees success

Are you renting commercial or private real estate? Do you need quality and professional interior and exterior photos for presentation purposes? You’ve come to the right place!

Wedding, engagement or family photos?

A team of experienced professionals
offers photography and videography services
for any moment fuelled by love!